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Office 2010 Cool Features

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Upul has sent me a link to a Theravadic Dhamma Portal where we can discuss and explore Dhamma. This is for the people seeking the truth of life and their destiny as a guidance to practise Dhamma to seek liberation from this endless process of Samsara and to enjoy the Nibbanic peace within. There you can download the Sinhala Tripiṭaka in PDF format as well.

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The Colour Test

There are 8 screens, and on each screen you are given a word and 2 buttons to choose from. Select the Colour of the word, not the word! For example if the word is “GREEN“, but since its letters are in BLUE, you have to select BLUE. Take the Test. Thanks Ashanth for forwading me this cool link.

Human Left and Right Brain Functions

Colour Identification Lies Wholly On the Left Hemisphere of the Brain??? Find out here.

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Miss SL 2009

Gamya Wijedasa will represent Sri Lanka for Miss World 2009 Pageant will be held on December 12, 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Announcing the release to manufacturing (RTM) of the much-anticipated Windows 7 operating system, which will be available to volume licensing customers soon. Read More.

Windows 7

The next-generation operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7 opens new development, sales, and services opportunities for your business. Offer your customers a robust foundation for high-quality experiences across applications, services, PCs, and devices.

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Even BI novices can learn what goes into creating a BI solution, from planning and designing a data mart to preparing data. An Adventure Works example illustrates the first steps a company can take to ensure that its BI solution supports the strategic decisions it needs to make.

SQL Server 2008 Components in a BI Solution

SQL Server 2008 Components in a BI Solution

Read the full article by Stacia Misner.

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The Sri Lanka Air Force has now commenced domestic flight services to any destination departing from Katunayaka and Ratmalana. The general public can now seek any air route to any interested local destination. The new service is also available from Katunayaka International Air Port enabling passengers arriving at the airport to take an air route to the domestic destination.


The domestic airline service operation was shut down due to the terrorist threats and, with the successful annihilation of the LTTE terrorists the SLAF has taken immediate steps to extend their services with the objective of providing a speedy transportation service to the public.

The service operated under ‘Helitours’ will utilize both Air Crafts and Helicopters for intended tours. The airfares will be US$70 upwards.

For more info contact “Helitours” on +94 60 214 42 44 or E-mail : helitours@slaf.gov.lk

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